Rabu, 22 Jun 2011


Its been almost 3 month since the day I was in horribly madness.The girl that I wish I can give everything went to an turn over,KILLING me ASS.Jujur aku cakapkan,persepsi aku terhadap wanita meleis berubah,sorry to say coz it seems unfair to other melei gurlls.Im now riding solo,searching for my hapiness.I wish I can find my very own so-called wanita.She could be the sederhana one,understand my way of life and the most important,she can accept me the way I am.Fuck you to those who searching love for the sake of wealth and lusty living.I repeat FUCK YOU!.

And to you who broke my sincereness,I hope you'll find your great epic love.Coz I dont think it'll come easily as you think.Yes I admit it,my words may seems like Ima looser.But hell who cares? G la MAM.Im on my way in becoming my true part of being a rockstar.haha.damn.

After all I've done,and you repay it with this,I think its time for me to stop believing on fairytales.The memories itself will fade within time,and all the pain should vanish too.I wish,*sigh*
Thanks for promising,and then promptly forgetting..Thanks for everything,Thanks for nothing.
Karma will hunt you.Tee hee

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  1. fawaz2..hehe...resam garam orang bercinta..haha...
    selamat aku still BERSIH...haha